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Linear Polarizers

Polarscenes are Point-of-Purchase displays that dramatize the advantage of polarized lenses to consumers. When the consumer looks at the Polarscene without polarized lenses he sees part of the scene. When the consumer looks at the same scene through polarized lenses he sees additional information. for example when the consumer looks at the Fishing Polarscene he sees the fisherman, his rod and canoe. With polarized lenses he sees the fish!

This simulates what happens when a sportsman uses polarized lenses.

Their novelty generates considerable interest attracting attention to the retail display. Often an individual will show a friend or companion the display with Polarscenes and demonstrate the effect.

Six Polarscenes™ are available:



Each illustrates an activity where the enjoyment of the participant will be enhanced by polarized lenses.

Each of the Polarscenes™ is available in the size 6 inch x 3 inches x 0.015 inch, with or without an adhesive backing. The Fishing Polarscene is also available in a smaller size, 1.8 inch x 1 inch x 0.015 inch and a larger size 12 inch x 6 inch x 0.015 inch.
Without Polarized Lens With Polarized lens