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Linear Polarizers

One of the fundamental properties of light is polarization. For each direction of propagation of a light wave there are two perpendicular polarizations. International Polarizer's sheet linear polarizer selectively absorbs light that has one direction of polarization while passing light that has the other. Glare consists of light reflected from a surface and is polarized. A linear polarizer can absorb reflections and glare, passing only the desired light from a scene.

International Polarizer uses a proprietary method of aligning long chain polymers to produce a remarkably efficient linear polarizer with extremely good color reproducibility. The linear polarizer is then laminated in cellulose acetobutyrate (CAB) or cellulose triacetate (CTA) for durability and stiffness.

Linear polarizers are produced in two major categories:

Sunglass Polarizers

with extra tinting for darker lenses

Technical Polarizers

high transmittance and outstanding extinction, for scientific applications